Vitality asked us to redevelop its current app to help its customers stay healthy, track their activity and enjoy their many rewards.  A key problem identified with the existing app was that users struggled to understand Vitality Health’s proposition and can’t engage with its health program and rewards scheme
My role on this was to art direct, design, manage a freelancer.
Step 1: Research, research, research
Part of my usual process is to first understand existing brand guidelines - more often than not I would have to go through the exercise of testing them for digital compatibility. 
Second is to create a feature-board via a Pinterest  as a shared resource with the team to take stock of competitive landscape, identify best-in-class examples that visually articulates the brand's proposition, UX/UI solutions and strategy.
Having this board helped onboard team members to be aligned with the visual & UX direction the project was to take shape. 

Brand board - a collation of Vitality's brand assets ( and their existing app)

Feature board - showing examples of good visualisation of dashboards and tracking activities, more on Pinterest
Through this process we were able to identify the elements we wanted to use:
The circle - a metaphor for all round well-being as well as being a useful visualization device.
Step 2: Explore & refine
Having identified the elements we wanted to proceed with, the next step was to flesh out the journey and explore strategies on how to on-board a range of different customer segments. A set of principles was put in place to help align to the team to a common vision. 
We looked at some ideas together and with the team, articulated them into the site map and journey to make sure we covered our bases with the end-to-end experience.
We initially set up a plan of wanting to allow users to be able to set-up and track their own goals, however time and technical constraints meant this was not possible for the first release. Thus the dashboard had to work alot harder as a means to reflect the points they were accruing towards their rewards, membership status and improving their Vitality Age.

Some initial sketches

Basic style guide and experience principles

Some early explorations of the dashboard, data visualisations, timeline, login screens, navigation styles etc.

The outputs
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